Nicole Folgate
Visual Designer based in Minneapolis

Stir Mobile Concept

Amplifying a Classic 

Betty Crocker is an iconic American brand that was developed almost 100 years ago, originally created in response to questions about baking. What started out as a source of information for home economists who made everything from scratch evolved into an empire of pre-made baking mixes and ingredients to save time.

We often associate baked goods with gathering and sharing with one another. The quick prep of Betty Crocker products almost makes baking seem like a hurried afterthought. In today’s “foodie” culture, specialty ingredients and unique flavor pairings take center stage. Betty Crocker isn’t a brand often mistaken for gourmet or unique. Shifting consumer preferences are making their products lose relevance.


STIR by Betty Crocker: An interactive mobile experience concept that uses Betty Crocker mixes as a blank canvas for unique flavor pairings and creative presentation methods. Users can also browse through curated collections of trend driven flavor pairings from bloggers, the Betty Crocker Test Kitchen, and other users of the site.


  • Emphasizes adventurous pairings to challenge and inspire.
  • Promotes a social baking experience.
  • Introduces opportunity to integrate other Betty Crocker product lines. 
  • Aligns product with an audience that has a declining interest in pre-packaged products.