Nicole Folgate
Visual Designer based in Minneapolis



Hello! I'm Nicole.

When I was little, my dad bought me a box of oil pastels from an art store. I had never used oil pastels before and instantly decided they were way cooler than everything else in my crayon box—including the 64 count box of Crayolas with a sharpener on the back. Somewhere between giving them the prime spot in my crayon box and plastering the fridge with pages full of smudgy pastel sunsets, I fell in love with creating things. 

Nowadays, I spend my time with pixels instead of pastels; but I still approach design the same with the same curiosity as I did when I was little.  A strategic and thoughtful approach to creative problem solving serves me well from ideation to execution. 

I'm currently a designer at SapientRazorfish in Minneapolis, where I work with a small but mighty team creating visual design systems for brands like Roche Diagnostics and Medtronic. I'm passionate about digital trends, mobile first thinking, and photography.  


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